Monday, March 19, 2007

I am 200!

This is my 200th post. How time flies when you're having fun.

My daughter, Catie, urged me to start a blog for a couple of months before I actually did, in June. At first, it was like throwing a party to which nobody came.

But it was totally addictive, and I would have continued to set out my scratchings even without any feedback because I really love to write. Blogging gave me the illusion that I was writing without actually engaging in "serious" writing. And it helped to get my chops up.

Now, it just feels like the natural thing to do. The longer projects will get finished when the time is right. Or not. I feel that I am finding my voice here, as well as making new friends, and that is quite enough for now.

You guys are incredible. You have shown me so much humor, humanity, kindness, depth, and playfulness that I am constantly humbled. It is a privilege to know you. I am amazed by the breadth of talent and caring I have experienced, and best of all, I get to have all that great stuff without leaving home.

I have come to care deeply about each of you as you embrace your lives and report in like war correspondents from the front. It's like being hooked up to a hundred Aladdin's lamps. Whatever I need, I can find on one of your sites or another.

I just returned from physical therapy. I didn't really want to go today because I was deeply involved in um, blogging. But as always when I am reluctant to do a thing, there is some benefit to be had.

My regular therapist, the magnificent Deborah, is in London this week. I saw Tony, who teaches the Alexander Method, a system which emphasizes quality of movement and utilizes the close link between mind and body.

He was telling me that I need to slow down and think first. Since I am a high-energy small person whose impatience often gets me hurt, this was excellent advice. He said that movement was like lighting a fire. When I stop to think before doing so, I can put out the fire.

This is a perfect analogy for the way I habitually speak first and think later. I do this most of all with loved ones, who matter most. When I feel defensive, I do not know how to defuse the confrontation. I respond instead with words that can escalate it. I am always terribly sorry later, when it occurs to me that I really could have let it go. But didn't.

I need to stop doing this. I realize more and more how very connected our bodies and minds are. They are not separate entities that reluctantly put up with one other. They are each the other side of the other, and we cannot fully realize our potential as human beings until we integrate them fully.

Sounds like a pretty tall order for a short person.


Laurie said...

Wow! Congratulations on your 200th post! And if you figure out how to think first and speak afterward, please let me in on the secret. I think my family would greatly appreciate it. :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I will. If I do. Don't hold your breath, though.

Good luck in your travels. I have been following the saga with keen interest, taking encouragement from the fact that you are still blogging. Ergo, not lost forever out there.

I hope your cousins in the car behind have a good sense of humor.

meno said...

Congratulations! 200 is a big number.

I was going to make the same comment as Laurie because i really really need to know how to do this.

The Law Fairy said...

Happy 200!

I'm so glad we both found blogging... it's added so much depth to my life as well!

Here's to 200 more. And 200 more, and 200 more, and 200 more...

Kate S said...

(throwing confetti) Congratulations - here's to many, many more. (And the end of PT and foot-in-mouth disease - if you find a cure, let me know.) :)

Thailand Gal said...

200 posts, eh? Have you ever considered that it might become a book one day?

I think I'm about a week behind you. My count is 191 or something.

Speaking first and thinking later... honestly, I would love to be able to do that! I mark, measure and anticipate far too much. Often that means no significant communication with those around me.

Hm. Must be a balance somewhere. LOL



heartinsanfrancisco said...


You mean I'm not the only one suffering from this dread disease -- diarrhea of the mouth?

Law Fairy,

Thank you, and thank you, and thank you.


Oooh, confetti. Bonzo like pretty stuff flying around.


I know such things happen, but have no idea how they do.

191... It's so nice to be making the journey with you.

As for thinking before speaking, I really should have what you're having.

Bob said...

congrats on 200 posts.

my body is at eternal war with my mind. I just stand to one side and let them have at it. I find it much more peaceful to just not get involved.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Me, too. I'm trying to change that. I suppose miracles happen sometimes. Don't they?

Anonymous said...

(HinSF, I just posted a silly little apology in the comments area of my blog -- I didn't mean what you thought I did. Honest.)

Congratulations on being 200 (and you don't look a day over 185!). You have a wonderful blog, a perfect mix of so much goodness (the truth!!)

As one who sometimes sits too long on the sidelines, I would say that "thinking before you act" is a bit overrated. Because it soon becomes an issue of "how much thinking" and "for how long." Long live impulses and acting on those impulses!! Whoo hoo!

Pickled Olives said...

WOW! Congrats on 200! I love coming here and reading your take on life. Everytime i read here I imagine I'm in a beautiful apt overlooking the water from atop a steep hill. BTW, in my head, it's always sunny and 65. Keep writing! Here's to 200 more!!!

urban-urchin said...

Congrats my friend!

I wanted to ask you- have you tried the Bar Method? It's in your hood, on Chestnut I believe.

I did it when Ilived in San Francisco and it is miraculous at the very least....

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I don't look a day over 185? You really have a way with words.

There must be a happy medium. Total, unbridled woo hoo is also overrated, I think.


Thank you so much. I always enjoy visiting your world, too. Sunny and 65 would be ideal. Sometimes it really is that way.


How strange. I walked by there yesterday, on Fillmore off Chestnut, and noticed that it had closed. I thought it was a Pilates studio, which, if that's right, is in some ways similar to Alexander.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Congrats. As I said, you are a younger blogger than I thought. I thought you were at least 400 in blogger posts cause you show such depth of wisdom and a confidence borne of experience. Before I get ito trouble, I should also say that in human years, surely you are as young in heart as Dorothy in the Land of Oz.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Younger than Springtime, older than dirt, that's me.

Thank you for those kind remarks. I guess if I had to become addicted to something, I picked a good one. (I didn't even know what blogging was a year ago.)

Judith said...

congratulations! Ive another 50 to go.. I havent been on your blog too long in comparison to others but I love your way with words , you are a natural storyteller and I look forward to reading your posts every day! Heres to your next 200!

urban-urchin said...

It's a mix of pilates, yoga and ballet. It's based on Lotte Berk method. It's a form of torture truthfully and it works wonders on flexibility and having a tight butt.

jali said...

Happy 200th to you...
Happy 200th to you...
Happy 200th, Happy 200th...
Happy 200th to you...

Great that you're taking good care of you.

Big hugs!

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Thank you so much! I'm glad we finally discovered each other as I always enjoy your posts so much, too. And, of course, your comments to mine.


I've heard of Lotte Berk, and It sounds like something I should pursue as I'm not as flexible as I used to be. They must have moved rather than closed. I'll admit I'm not really fond of torture, though.


I just love to be sung to and feted and hugged. Thank you! Please come by for cake.. I could use some help blowing out all those candles.

Lex said...

Congratulations on your 200th post. Time flies.

I'm so glad to have found you. My blogdom wouldn't be the same without you.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Awwww, I feel the same about you. I've been hooked since your very first post that I read.

And I don't feel nearly that old. Only about 150 most days.

velvet girl said...

Congratulations on your 200th post!

And definitely put me on the distribution list if you stumble onto the secret for thinking before talking.

I'm glad that you're in the blogosphere and I hope that you'll be around here for a long, long time. :)


heartinsanfrancisco said...


Thank you so much! I hope to be around for a long time to come. So many of you fellow bloggers add a dimension to my life that I couldn't do without now.

I suspect that if the secret of holding ones mug ever gets widely distributed, I'll be the last to know.

katrice said...


I've loved every one of your posts. I think I started reading around September. You are one of the best!

And there's a lot to be said for thinking on one's feet... a gift I lack. Ah, to find balance.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Thank you!! I make it a point to keep up on your life in posts, too.

A little more quiet contemplation would be good here. "in the head, out the mouth" can get one in trouble, and hurt people.

If you do find that balance and have any left over, will you send it to me?