Friday, October 06, 2006

Desperate Actors

The guys with wings in the Angel Soft Toilet Paper commercial should get together with the cloud-dwelling winged women in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial. They could have cream cheese on toilet paper, hold the bagel. Or soar their dog together.


Lex said...

LOL. I love cream cheese. And I love toilet paper. Can you imagine life without it? I actually prefer Angel Soft.

Now, what is it about winged creatures that is supposed to make us want to buy these things?

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I used to be an actor. I can't imagine doing a toilet paper commercial.

And to think I once complained when I was cast as Juliet because I really wanted to be Lady Macbeth!

Michael C said...

I feel bad for toilet paper, hemoroid and Viagra actors. I'd be so afraid of being typecast!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Yeah, I would especially hate to be typecast as a Viagra hawker. It could have been really bad for my career.

We used to call people in commercials "models," not actors. What did that change?

~Macarena~ said...

I get the feeling Viagra is a positive sign, because at least they're trying. ;) It's an improvement on the old T.V. drama/comedy standard where the guy won't admit he's impotent.

What about the Victoria's Secret wing├ęd models? They made me want wings, and I eventually got some as a gift.

Lex said...

Out damned spot! Out, I say! -- That could be a toilet paper commercial.

Odat said...

lol...I'm just looking at that dog pic!!! and it's making me laugh!
Sorry...your post was funny too!
And btw, thanks so much for hour comments on my meme post!!! Email me anytime!!! we do have a lot in common....


heartinsanfrancisco said...


What TV shows have you been watching? The Impotence Hour? The Smallest Loser?

Sweetie, if you look like the Victoria's Secret models, I can't have you on my blog. Bad for business, you know.

Oh, never mind. Can you fly?


LOL. You're too funny. Maybe I'll volunteer.. and finally get to be Lady Macbeth.


You're supposed to be having a stress-free weekend except for the occasional impromptu gavotte. Are you?

urban-urchin said...

michael c

i feel worse for the herpes medicine actors....

the philly angels can use the tp to pick up their angel dog poop.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


LOL several times!

Do you really think angel dogs poop? It must be all that cream cheese they eat.

katrice said...

This is THE funniest! I often wonder how much of your dignity you have to lay down to do a tampon or yeast infection commercial.

Models vs. actors... could the difference be speaking parts? Back in the day, seems that the invisible announcer did the talking while the person you saw just sort of showcased the product, sort of the like Barker's Beauties on "The Price is Right." I dunno...

heartinsanfrancisco said...


The yeast infection commercials infuriate me. They imply that Every Woman has them All The Time, but I have NEVER had one. How dare they?

I balk at referring to product hawkers as "actors."