Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Opening, Another Show

Another meme. Nobody tagged me specifically, but several of the blogs I read suggested that anyone so inclined should do this one. It seemed like a good time to figure out where I stand on these issues, so here goes.

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Endow my children
2. Buy a beach house in Tahiti and fill it with driftwood, shells and sea glass
3. Travel more. I want to visit Tibet, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Africa, and all the places with exciting names like Amazon River, Zanzibar, Machu Pichu, Rio de Janeiro, Casablanca
4. Buy gifts for people whenever I felt inspired
5. Buy a Victorian house in San Francisco to live in between trips. (For that, I would have to be a MULTI-millionaire.)

Five bad habits:
I wish I could give you something entertaining, like stealing quarters from blind street musicians or running after old ladies' wobbly butts with hatpins, but hey, nobody's perfect!

1. Interrupting. (I'm from New York.) I'm working on it.
2. Excessive blogging (Is this "bad?" You tell me.)
3. Holding grudges (sometimes)
4. Aiming Killer Glares at cigar smokers in public places
5. Letting my hair grow unimpeded. (I hear the troll look is in.)

Five things I hate doing:

1. Sitting near people who yak in theatres
2. Feeling unwelcome at family gatherings
3. Feeling powerless
4. Dealing with pomposity and arrogance
5. Fighting losing battles

Five things I would never do:

1. Commit suicide or murder
2. Wear hurtful shoes for more than a few hours
3. Vote for Schwarzenneger
4. Eat venison
5. Watch re-runs of Friends

Five things I regret doing:

1. Giving up my acting career
2. Deferring to others out of fear whenever I've done so
3. Some of my past relationships are extremely regrettable
4. Being too self-absorbed at times to be the parent my children deserved
5. Putting my foot in my mouth far too often

Five favorite things:
(In no particular order AFTER No.'s 1 and 2)

1. My children! (I raised my own best friends.)
2. Writing
3. Bike riding and water skiing (not at the same time)
4. Chamber music, art, movies, and cooking
5. Animals, seashore, redwood forests, antiques


Odat said...

I'll meet you in Tahiti!!!!
(I was going to tag you on this one but I just figured e'one got it already) lol...
Great list!!!!!

Pickled Olives said...

OMG! I interupt all the time too! I find if you don't make eye contact when doing it, no guilt is associated and you can continue to talk. Kinda like driving in Manhattan, the first one to make eye contact loses.

Oooh, I'd rather have a victorian in San Fran than here in CT anyday! I love those old Victorians.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I've wanted to go there since I saw my first Gauguin (Femmes aux Mangoes) at the Met when I was about 5. I still do.

How soon can you be ready?


Well, I do it because I'm impatient, or so excited about a conversation that I can't wait to add my own comments. (NY, you know.) And I do feel guilty.

But the no-eye contact method works really well with street venders and able-bodied bums who want me to finance their next drink.

An explosive said...

I love your travel list! WOW! Wouldn't it be great to give out presents all the time to whom ever we wanted I love that!

By the way I not only am from New York but I interrupt all the time as well. Plus I'm italian can't get any worse! lol ~M

heartinsanfrancisco said...

My heart,

Trust me, honey. It could be a lot worse than Italian.

I love to give presents. It would be so wonderful to have limitless resources to do so.

Old Scrote said...

Thanks, HeartinSanFransisco, for another thought-provoker. I was going to do useful things this weekend, but I think I'll do MY bunch-of-fives instead.
btw, you don't have to be a New Yorker to be a mega-interrupter. Sorry, what did you say? I wasn't listening....

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I look forward to reading yours! I found it was hard to narrow down some of my choices, especially "favorite things." I have so many of those.


Travel is good. I would do that too if I had lots of $$. I love the destinations you mention. They all sound very exotic.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Somehow, "There's no place like home" repeated three times isn't getting it anymore.