Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Say What?

I had a friend who vacationed every summer at Old Saybrook, Connecticut, the same town where Katharine Hepburn grew up and maintained a home all her life.

One day my friend was at the beach with her children when she noticed Ms. Hepburn sitting against a tree at the edge of the sand, reading a book. A young man approached and asked for her autograph.

She ignored him and kept reading. He moved a little closer and again made his request. She flipped a page without taking her eyes off the book.

Finally, he leaned over and yelled in her ear. "Miss Hepburn-I-Want-Your-Autograph!" She adjusted her book and pulled her wide-brimmed straw hat over her eyes without even glancing at him.

He had had enough. He glared at her bent head and yelled, "All right for you, AUDREY," and plowed angrily down the beach, kicking up giant plumes of sand.

We'll always have rude people, but they don't make movie stars the way they used to.

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