Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lemmings Among Us

A lot of people in this city have a serious death wish. Why else would pedestrians continually drift into oncoming traffic against the light without even noticing?

I was taught to look both ways before crossing a street. When I was very young, I had to wait on the curb until an adult came along so I could say, "Will you cross me?" And the nice stranger would take my hand and lead me to the other side.

These oblivious souls wouldn't last an hour in New York, where taxi drivers take aim and careen exuberantly onto the sidewalks. Do they not understand that their bodies are more fragile than the vehicles they challenge? How can they feel so safe when 9 out of 10 drivers are also talking on their cell phones and perhaps eating lunch, too? Or drunk.

The doctrine of survival of the fittest is clearly in trouble because these mentally incompetent philistines stroll through screeching traffic every chance they get and then go home and breed. A few months later, their first line of defense is a baby stroller.

It isn't fair that I should have to do their job as well as my own. It takes a lot of effort to avoid hitting people who suddenly appear as if magnetically drawn to the front of my car. And if they ever succeed in committing suicide with my car, MY life will be ruined forever, too.

Is it really too much to expect people to take responsibility for themselves?


kim said...

the image of all sorts of irresponsible people breeding adds to my insomnia :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Really. I haven't slept in YEARS. :(