Saturday, February 17, 2007

Class Tells

Britney Spears has shaved her head. Perhaps she was jealous of all the posthumous attention Anna Nicole Smith has been getting, or perhaps she simply had a bad hair day and no stylists around.

She has tattoos on the back of her neck, and a new pair of red and pink lips on her wrist.

Her tattoo artist in Los Angeles was quoted as saying that she wanted something "dainty." How fitting.

A few days earlier, she checked into Eric Clapton's Crossroads Center, a rehab facility, in Antigua, but checked out the next day. Apparently, sobriety is not for her.

Remember the old Roach Motel commercial? "They check in, but they never check out." Who would have guessed that she is not a cockroach?

I know that she has children because she was observed changing a diaper on her table at a restaurant in L.A. several months ago, but they have not been much in evidence lately. Apparently, motherhood is not for her either.

I can work up a little compassion because she clearly lacks the intelligence of an analid worm and was probably raised without any kind of social grace, none of which is her fault.

But she has made an obscene amount of money hawking cotton candy sexuality, and could be doing a lot of good for those less fortunate. Instead, her personal life is a colossal train wreck.

The children she brought into the world do not effectively have a mother, and somebody needs to bitch slap her into shaping up and taking some responsibility for herself.

Sooner or later, we all have to do that.


MsLittlePea said...

I heard about the stupid things she was doing but I didn't know she checked in and out of rehab. Maybe she's having some kind of nervous breakdown? Who knows...I feel sorry for her kids.

mist1 said...

I think the shaved head looks nice with her shaved crotch.

thethinker said...

I heard about that and was not really shocked. Just another cry from attention and it's sad really. I feel for the kids more than I do for her.

Just D said...

This is what happens to people who grow up thinking the world owes them adoration. It all has to come crashing down at some point.

Pickled Olives said...

As Cindy Lauper says "Confusion is nothing new". My guess? Britney is very Confused. It's gotta suck being young, dumb and with children. Thakfully she has enough money to hire decent people to help with her kids right now.

velvet girl said...

She's a piece of work. She's making K-Fed look good these days and that says a lot.

As a mother, she sucks. She never should have had kids if she was going to farm them out to nannies so that she could still party all night.


Anonymous said...

I think you are being a little harsh - who hasn't made mistakes? But who watches you - or me? Hell, I have shaved my head many times!

katrice said...

I think harshness is in order, simply because this woman has children who depend on her. If you're going to reproduce, it demands that you behave responsibly. I've also cut all my hair off. At issue here is her questionable decision-making.

And yes, plenty of equally irresponsible adults exist outside of the spotlight. So? Her audience is bigger, that's all. That's what she wanted, that's what she got.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Ms. Pea,

You'd think she would have stayed there just because it was Antigua, even if she decided not to detox.

Such stupidity is hard to fathom.


You always make me laugh. Now she can itch like crazy in both places.


I have never actually paid much attention to Britney, but the shaved head kind of did it. She couldn't even think of an original way to rebel or to cry for help or whatever the hell she's doing.


People who think the world owes them anything are doomed to a sad comeuppance.


Cindy Lauper is very smart. Too bad Madonna stole several of her early songs. But I digress.

Do you really think it sucks being stupid if you're too stupid to realize it?


It's unfair that some people who would be wonderful parents can't have kids while others who have no business doing so can. One of life's great mysteries, I guess.


It's true that celebrities live in fishbowls and that's unfair, but this is my blog and I can rant and badmouth anybody I like.

Hey, thanks for stopping by, with or without hair.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


We were both commenting at the same time.

You are right. No argument here. Why should we cut someone extra slack because she is a celebrity? As you pointed out, that was what she wanted.

This reminds me of a famous law case in which a man murdered his mother and father, then pleaded for leniency on the grounds that he was an orphan.

Dan said...

I wonder if this is all a cry for help from her, but with all of these hangers-on, no one will heed the call.

I have a suspicion that unless someone intercedes she will continue to self destruct and end up like Anna Nicole. Pity really.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I think that if she were really crying for help, she would have stayed in rehab longer than a few hours.

And she probably will end up like Anna Nicole.

Minx said...

The status of 'celebrity' should come with a government health warning. Do parents ever wonder what will become of those children that they force into the limelight?
Britney is a product of our society. Money she may have, but happiness? I am afraid that happiness is mostly confined to us lesser mortals.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Where have all the heroes and real role models gone? It's worrying that kids may use BS as a role model. I only just realised her initials stand for her lifestyle - BS!!!

I am not Star Jones said...

It may be class but I also think it's a family structure that doesn't value ethics, integrity and education that is the cause of her problems.

Her parents' after pimping her youth in exchange for millions don't seem to see her as a person in crisis but as a meal ticket to be squeezed dry until she's an empty shell.

Maybe that's why she is breaking down. She realizes that not only was her ex-husband using her, her family is, as well.

It's up to Britney to pull herself out of this and make the tough changes that she needs to do to
keep herself mentally healthy and to be a fierce protective smart nurturing mother to her two children.

No one else can do it.

I hope she has the guts to see this through -- if not, she is on her way to full on Courtney Love status.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I doubt her parents cared much about her development as a well-rounded Real Person, or they might have raised her to be one.

They were more than happy to sacrifice her for all the money she has brought in. Perhaps this partly accounts for her present situation.


BS. How true. As long as our sick society clamors for such role models, they will continue to be produced.


As always, you make excellent points. By "class," I was referring to innate qualities, not to ones family's position in society, incidentally.

I agree that her greedy family pimped her out w/o regard to her ethics, morals, or happiness. Everyone deserves to be more than a commodity.

She seems to be completely adrift, but perhaps shaving her head signifies a bridge-burning regarding her entertainment career.

Since she has children, it would be well for her to focus on getting herself fit to care for them.

It's a sad story, and does bring Courtney Love to mind. Hanging around with Paris Hilton can't possibly help matters, either.

Lex said...

She's a sad case, but the "cry for help" theme a bit peculiar in this situation. She shaved her head in her stylist's chair. Apparently she went to the salon to BE shaven, and the stylist refused. Then, in a temper tanturm, she took the clippers and did it herself.

Now, what do we do with a Hollywood nincumpoop who is too entitled to perform her own attention getting antics, unless it's part of a tantrum when somebody turns down her money?

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I hadn't heard that part of the story. It does sound more like a temper tantrum than a cry for help - not that they are mutually exclusive.

Trying to make sense of someone's behavior who is boozing it up and doing heavy drugs is pointless. There may not be any kind of logic involved, just impulse.

Liz said...

Remember back when Britney was the sorta good girl saving her virginity till she got married? That feels like it was 20 years ago instead of a mere four or five years ago. If she didn't have all the money, if she was just a normal citizen, I think she'd already have her kids taken away.

Thailand Gal said...

Agreed completely! Someone does have to establish the connection very clearly for her: screw around->>>have babies->>>>take responsibility for babies.

The woman is a classless, tasteless and clearly undignified female with limited intelligence.




heartinsanfrancisco said...


You're so right that she would certainly have lost her children by now if she were not a rich celeBRITy. Ugh. It's wrong that such people are cut extra slack because we are so infatuated with fame that we collectively hesitate to confront them.


I think that you should stop being so reticent and tell us how you REALLY feel.

(Nice kitty.)

Kevin Charnas said...

two posts, one comment - what a shithead.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


It's a good, all-purpose comment. Sometimes it's good to simplify, and most appropriate when referring to Britney Spears.

The Law Fairy said...

I would be piling the blame on her as well if not for the fact that she was never allowed a childhood. Her parents (almost) literally pimped her out as a CHILD. As a CHILD she was taught that her sexuality was her primary strength and her biggest value and the only thing she had to offer the world. Her well-publicized "virgin" experiment is further evidence of this. She would only ever be of value to anyone if she could utilize her sexuality to make her valuable. After the breakup with Justin, she mentally devalued herself because she'd been taught all she had to offer was sex. That's what led to her two failed marriages and ridiculous partying. Britney is the textbook Little Girl Lost. The primary difference between her and JonBenet Ramsey is that no one murdered Britney.

Now, granted, she's the only one who can fix things now, and it is her responsibility to do so, and she needs to get her head out of her ass and do it. But I can't exactly blame her a hundred percent for how she's turned out, same as I won't be able to blame her kids a hundred percent for how they turn out if she never fixes herself, and they never get raised properly as a result.

Almost makes me wish people (including Brit AND her parents) had to have licenses to have children.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Law Fairy,

Of course her parents pimped her out. As did Michael Jackson's and Macauley Culkin's, and Shirley Temple's and Elizabeth Taylor's, among others. There should be penalties for parents who eat their young.

I wish there were some kind of qualifying exam for parents. The world would be much less crowded.

But the I-never-had-a-childhood excuse doesn't hold once one has children. It's THEIR turn now, regardless, and somebody needs to be responsible for them.

I would feel sorry for Britney in a vague, dispassionate way if she was half-trying, but I feel sorrier for her kids.

I think the case of Jon Benet is much sadder because she never got a chance to grow up and decide who she wanted to be.

The way Britney is going, she may murder herself with drugs or some other result of her wild partying.

urban-urchin said...

the girl has lost her ever loving mind. it was small, probably not all that difficult to misplace.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Too bad she can't buy a new one. Money has its limits.

Judith said...

Anyone that parties with Paris Hilton should get their kids taken off them ASAP.. A 360' heavy handed Bitch Slap should be showered upon her with one slap every word of the following sentence 'stop pissy crying over your looser husband and thank god that your children and yourself have good health you immature spoilt whiney bitch'

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Are you sure you don't want to add anything to that? Surely there is more where that came from.

I'm glad you came by!

Crankster said...

Nicely put, Hearts. Unfortunately, those of us with children soon realize that the little tykes don't give you a lot of time for sticking your head up your own a--.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


No, they don't. Not if you're actually caring for them yourself.

One of these things is not like the others...