Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Smiles R Us

Ian at Or So I Thought has given me the Smile Award. Ian's posts are always enlightening, entertaining, and I have spent many a smile at his delightful site, so I am particularly thrilled to receive it from him. Thank you, Ian.

We all like to smile. Every baby's first smile is notable to his adoring parents, and throughout our lives, we smile at others to communicate so many emotions. Different smiles for each of them. We would be lost without our smiles.

I am now supposed to honor five (only) bloggers who make me smile. This is no easy task as all my sidebar buddies make me smile at different times, in different ways. I get to exercise my entire repertoire of smiles as I go from one delicious site to another. I live in Smile Heaven.


How can I possibly narrow it down?

Bigger sigh.

But I'll try.

Pam at Audio Video Disco... I Hear... I See... I Learn is one of the most supportive and sunny people on the planet. Her photography is wondrous, and even more so is her giving spirit. If there were no smiles in the world, Pam would have invented them.

Franki at Frankily Yours makes me smile (and laugh) often with her acerbic wit, her straightforward honesty which would be childlike if not for her sophisticated turn of phrase. She has brought forth every kind of smile I possess at one time or another.

Rebecca at Rebecca James is new to me. I haven't known of her blog for long, but she is a published author whose talent is the perfect vehicle for her big heart and sweet spirit. She makes me smile in recognition of our shared humanity as she writes about events that so many of us can relate to.

The Thinker at Theory of Thought is a phenomenon, in my view, in that she is a teenager who writes with the instincts of a seasoned author. She is honest, funny, complex and a spiritual seeker in that she tries hard to be the best person she can and to facilitate the same in others. There are many smiles to be had there.

JR at JR's Thumbprints & Other Such Vagaries makes me smile because he is someone who makes a difference in the world. He teaches at a prison. It is hard to imagine a more difficult and demanding job, although lately, it seems that his greatest challenge is not his students but the state system which has determined that educators are non-essential. JR is also a fine poet, and if you don't already know him, he will make you smile, too.

I offer a special smile to all who read here, some of whom have become back channel friends as well. I try to spread these awards around when they come my way, but in my view, you are the most smile-worthy group of people ever and all of you deserve each of these little acknowledgments.

My face hurts from all this smiling. I think I need to do some really good frowning now.


Franki said...

Why Susan, I blush (in that pretty coquettish Southern way, not the embarassing blustering red-faced Asian way). I am happy to make you smile.

I crack myself up all the time.

Anonymous said...

You give lots of smiles, good Heart, to all who are privileged to wander here.

As a matter of fact, I am smiling now. Thank you for that.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Loved the grins!

You always link to really good posts, I'll go check these out.


Scarlett & V.

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Susan - I've just woken up (and come online, of course!) and this is a really, really lovely thing to wake up to. I'm very flattered.

Becky XX

thethinker said...

Well thank you so much. I'm happy that I can make someone smile with my writing. I'll be sure to pick my five people as soon as I find the time.

It would be kind of redundant (and probably against the rules) to award you with Smile Award myself, but just so you know, both of your blogs bring a smile to my face.

thailandchani said...

Very good! :)



Ian Lidster said...

Nice choices, Susan, and I plan to check them all out since laughter always works for me.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


You crack me up, too, on a regular basis.

Or should I say y'all? It must be very hard to be a pretty, coquettish, embarrassing, blustering, red-faced Asian Southerner. Or Southern Asian. Take yer cotton pickin' pick and come back soon, y'heah?


Oh, good. I love it when I can make you smile.


Have your people check my people.

Smiles to you!


I do so enjoy your writing. One of the great beauties of the internet is that I can "visit" with someone in Australia from my own desk.


Thank you so much for saying that. I have no doubt that many of us smile regularly at your writing, and the personality expressed therein.


Your writing and thoughts are particularly smilable (!) to me.


Please do. I know you will like them all.

Sienna said...


I have something for all of us:


can u copy and paste that link?, i guarantee it will make u smile...

thankyou .. muchas gracias...I am smiling all the time..some ask *are u crazy?*....I say yes, crazy and happy...but I can't smile without you........

Pam :)

Josie said...

Hearts, your blog doesn't make me smile, it makes me laugh out loud! You're a hoot!


The CEO said...

I smile a lot here, and at some of the places you mentioned. Well done!

heartinsanfrancisco said...


How nice to hear that again. And I got to practice my Spanish, too.

Thanks for sharing!


Oh, good. I mean, Thank You.


I suspect you smile a lot in general. Am I right?

the walking man said...

I am a grumpy old man so when they come up with that one I will eat it with my morning Metamucil.



Open Grove Claudia said...

Great choices. :)

urban-urchin said...

thanks for the new reads!

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I hereby give you the Grumpy Old Man Award. Sadly, my html skills are not up to designing one, so it will have to be the thought that counts.


I have a veritable stable of great bloggers to choose from.


See you there.