Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey! I'm a Schmoozer!

Ian at Or So I Thought has given me an award! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It's the Schmooze Award. In New York, where I grew up, a "schmoozer" is one who can talk to anyone about anything. As I stated to Ian in his comments, I always figured I could do that. I just had no idea that anyone was listening.

My mother used to say that I was vaccinated with a phonograph needle (dating myself here,) that no matter what else was going on, there was the steady background drone of me talking, even though no one wanted to hear my running commentary on everything.

When I reached adolescence, I stopped talking to my parents at all except to relay necessary information, like "I'm sick and can't go to school today." It must have been a great relief to them.

Anyway, I'm immensely flattered to have this award because I value the comments to my posts most of all, and really enjoy the dialogs and discussions we have here. Getting to know all of you is like having a birthday every day with lots of fantastic presents.

I now get to give this award to five other bloggers. The people I have chosen are all wonderful at engaging in conversations on their own and other sites.

Molly of The Molly Bawn Chronicles is an Irish charmer who now enriches Florida with her delightful presence. Her blog is filled with both current observations and stories of growing up in Eire, which are always a huge treat.

Lee of Studio Twenty-Three is a peach. She is a marvelous artist and writer who is able to see deeply into an issue and present it with rare honesty and humor. Her second blog, My Letter of the Day, is always hilarious and not to be missed.

Riseoutofme at Riseoutofme is a fairly new pleasure of mine, but has quickly become addictive. I just figured out while collecting her url for this link that she is Molly's sister. (I think.) A talented, delightful family for sure. Her photography is wonderful, too.

La Cubana Gringa at No Method, Just Madness is a doctor with a wicked way with words who is always engaging. She lives in my city, and I know that if I ever need to visit the emergency room, she will make me laugh away my pain.

East Coast Dweller at In Search of Isis is new to me, but has already become a great favorite. He is quirky, intelligent and fun, has many interests, and is willing to follow his random thoughts wherever they may lead.

Read them all and enjoy, with my blessing.

UPDATE: Josie, one of my favorite bloggers at All in Good Time, has also given me this delightful award. Thank you so much, Josie.

I think that if I want to post the award thingie twice, though, I should have the grace to select five more people, but I'm all memed out and need to check the winning bloggers I haven't met yet.


Ian Lidster said...

Cool, my dear Heart. I am going to check up on your chosen awardees and I just may end up adding some more names to my list. And, it was such a pleasure to have chosen you.

thailandchani said...

I'll be sure to check out those blogs. :)

It will keep me out of the bars and the bingo parlors, you know?




Josie said...

Omigosh, Hearts, it would seem I have chose you too. A two-fisted blog award winner...!


la cubana gringa said...

Awww shux, Heart, this is waaaay better than milk and cookies! :) Thanks!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Ah, but the pleasure is mine, kind sir.

Try 'em, you'll like 'em.


I'm more concerned with keeping you off the pole, Luv.


Too funny. You would have been on my list, too, if I hadn't chosen you for something else recently.

Thank you so much!!

La Cubana,

Depends on the cookies.

You just write and leave the reading to me.

Molly said...

Who,me? I'm a little bit bewildered---I'm the one in the corner petting the dog, and chatting up the children, so I DON'T have to schmooze with all those intimidating grown-ups....I'm also a little bit flattered---thank you.

Molly said...

....and so flustered that I forgot to add that Yes, Rise is my sister, and no, you can't have her....

Tanya Brown said...

Congratulations, and those are some excellent choices you made.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


It's ok if you schmooze with the dog. Many of my best conversations have been with 4-leggeds.

You're a great storyteller, and I love visiting your blog.

I couldn't believe I chose two sisters and didn't know it.


They're all amazing, it's true.

Voyager said...

I am looking forward to reading your awardees. Cuz I like reading HISF so much, anything you like has gotta be way cool.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Ian got you, too. Does that make us sisters?

My awardees are totally cool. And I can't wait to read Alda's Icelandic blog, which is a brand new name to me.

The Law Fairy said...

Congrats!! Well-deserved, certainly.

I imagine my parents wish I had shut up when I hit adolescence. Instead, if anything it made me more verbal -- and more POLITICAL. I used to read the paper in the morning (yes, as a TEENAGER) and burst out yelling once I ran across the latest atrocity, usually in the form of someone with an opinion (gasp!) different from mine.

Pretty much everyone I knew growing up knew I would be a lawyer long before I did ;)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Law Fairy,

Yes, the signs were all there. I'm not surprised, and I did the same thing, usually in the form of objecting. ( This was a more focused verbosity than my former stream-of-consciousness.)

My father, who was a lawyer, always said that I would be a good one. Sadly, that was the kiss of death because I was determined to do something different from the family business.

So many atrocities, so little time...

eastcoastdweller said...

Awww, garsh, me? Thank You so very much. (ECD happily floats off to work in a cloud of bliss).

LZ Blogger said...

Thanks for stopping by, but like my profile says... "I don't do MEME's ~ I don't do H.N.T.'s ~ I don't "100 Things about me" ~ I don't do Chain Posts ~ I don't even respond to the posts on my blog (unless someone sends me an E-mail and asks me a question) ~ That's RIGHT... I am the LAZY Blogger and I REALLY DON'T Schmooz! !

Anonymous said...

A Schmoozer? You? Huh?

Well, you are the nicest, most interesting and most charming schmoozer out there. If they had an award for that, you would surely win.

I love when you point out intersting blogs. Always a treat. Thank you.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


You're so welcome. I like to spread good news, and your fine blog is so new that many people who would enjoy it don't yet know it's there.

LZ Blogger,

I seem to have offended you by visiting your blog after you left a comment on my photo blog.

Please forgive the intrusion. I won't make that mistake again.


Your comments are a healing balm after the previous commenter fired on me. Thank you for pulling me out of the burning building.

thailandchani said...

Wowza... I think LZ Blogger might be a friend of the one who left a comment for me (two comments on two different posts) last night. LOL

Holy cow!



heartinsanfrancisco said...


Maybe "Lz" is short for Elizabeth. I took the liberty of responding to her scathing comments on your blog.

I am not sure how I pissed off this person, but he is very intent on sharing his contempt for me and other bloggers.

furiousBall said...

cool, new lurk locations

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Yep, go get 'em, boy. Ready, set, lurk.

The CEO said...

Congratulations, you deserve all of the accolades. You are a great writer with a fabulous style and a lot to say. Keep up the good work.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Thanks for the good words. You ain't chopped chicken liver, neither.

melanie said...

awesome! sorry its been a while since I visited. Life is nutty for single mom with ADD.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I was a single mom, too. The condition is most conducive to ADD, but I'm glad to see you back.

CS said...

Congratualations! I had to laugh about the droning thing - all my report cards use dto say that I was a good student but I talked too much! ALl your awardees are unknown to me, so I look forward to chekcing them out.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


You are a fabulous schmoozer, this is one of my favorite blogs to visit, and share with my friends.

I'll be off to see your friends now..

Scarlett & V.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


ALL my report cards said that I talked too much. It was no surprise to my parents.

Please do check out the fresh blood. That's what I was trying for.


It's always nice to see you here. Now go read THEM.

Jay said...

Hmm. Where did my comment go?

Sienna said...

Hearts your coffee house is fantastic, love coming here, but this is really funny, to me, I always interpreted schmoozer as kisser/cuddler...we have always used it around this neck of the woods as a cross b/w smoocher-smoothy to describe someone touchy feely.

I am delighted to finally realise it is a genuine word with real meaning! I shall begin, instantly educating my fellow funny!


Josie said...

Hearts, I was just looking at your photography blog. Wonderful photographs...! But... why is it that we haven't seen you on the red carpet in Hollywood? You are prettier than 99% (oh, heck 100%) of the movies stars.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Comment Purgatory?


What a nice meaning. I think I like it better.

Bushwackers is a great word, too. I want a bushwacker award.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Oh, gosh, I don't know what to say. I think I'll just laugh.

I needed a good laugh. Thank you.

Liz said...

Way to go, Schmoozerette! You certainly can work a crowd or rabid commenters with finesse.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Schmoozerette. Does your mama know you use words like that?

Luckily, most commenters are really, really nice. I've come to expect that, so I'm a bit nonplussed when someone hurts my feelings or dumps on someone I like.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Congratulations! Whoo Hoo!

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Blogging is great! Whoo-hoo for all of us.

riseoutofme said...

What can I say?

I am, indescribably, chuffed.

Thank you.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Oh, there you are!

What can I say? You run a cool place.

Judith said...

That was so sad that you felt that you had to turn off with your parents - well done anyway- sorry if Ive been a stranger here for awhile

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Had to drop by to tell you that I wound up adding every single one of these fine blogs to my list of favorites.

You are a woman of impeccable taste.

Thank you for the direction, what a myraid of treasure and delight.

I love expanding my horizons. They have just gotten bigger and better.
You have done it again... lead on sister!

Scarlett & V.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I'm glad you're back. I sometimes lurk in your space without commenting if I'm in a hurry, but it's always worth the visit.


Aren't they all wonderful? I'm so glad you have new places to play.

So... does this mean you'll be coming here less? (Sniff.)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


I don't laugh ANYWHERE as much as I do here, there's no one like you, and I could never go without my daily dose.

Unless I'm on vacation in Mexico.
Then I'll miss ya lots, and think of you while I am snoozing in the sun on the beach.

Scarlett & V.

Lee said...

Awww..thanks Susan! I'm up to my ears right now and a slack blogger. Certain maliscious lurkers keep me from my voice. I'll be back in full force soon, in another incarnation. I will email you. ;)

heartinsanfrancisco said...


You may run into problems taking a lion across the border, but have fun in Mexico.


I understand perfectly.

The very best of luck with everything, and please let me know if you need sympathetic ears (and an irreverent mouth.)