Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ennui Is Me

I am a misfit. The Giants won the World Series tonight and while I am happy for them and their many fans, I couldn't care less. San Francisco is exploding with screaming, cheering, honking horns, dancing in the streets and general hysteria, but the whole thing makes me yawn. I am laying low in my apartment, avoiding everyone so I won't have to pretend to a manic joy I don't feel, which I could fake about as well as the Saturday Night Live Coneheads managed to blend with their neighbors. Besides, I look terrible in orange.

I know it's downright un-American, even subversive, to prefer a good book when I could be watching baseball on TV, but I haven't had a favorite team since the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles when I was a kid. Like all New Yorkers, I felt abandoned. Betrayed. I could get psychoanalytical and say that I never got over it, but frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Far be it from me to rain on anyone's parade. Our nation's pastime is a perfectly fine game. I have even enjoyed playing it on occasion. But one team's victory over another does not make me walk taller. I have never understood sport rivalries when so many other things are more interesting. In fact, I am so disinclined to commemorate a baseball landmark that I didn't even remember to post this confession, which I wrote last night.


Jo said...

Omigoodness ... yes! That goes double for me, for any sport __________ fill in the blank. Some people enjoy sports, and other people just don't even get the point. I fall into the latter group. Maybe there's a trophy for "just don't give a damn".

You're not going to believe this, but my word verification is "winz"...

nick said...

I don't mind people getting hysterical over some sports fixture, I only object if they expect me to be equally hysterical and imply I must be a total weirdo if I'm not interested. But I've never been remotely interested in sport, like you I prefer to curl up with a good book.

Hey, here's an idea. Maybe we book-lovers should go out on the streets and get drunk and hysterical about the latest literary masterpiece?

the walking man said...

So how do you feel about Jerry Brown? Politics has been the national past time for the past two years. Oh what a game it was.

Maria said...

Well, I could go all unemotional and agree with you...but then there is that corn cob that I have worn ON MY HEAD on at least two occasions at Cornhusker games.....

TechnoBabe said...

We have our own little busy life and it does not include sports. I like that you would rather enjoy a good book.

meno said...

It's just a game. I think people look for an excuse to behave foolishly and have a party. Good for them, but i hate crowds.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


So I'm not the only misfit in the world? That's oddly comforting.

Do you think there's a message in your word verification?


I have enjoyed various sporting events on occasion, but cannot muster emotion for them. I prefer skiing, ice skating and surfing to team sports.

I love your idea! Of course, we'd probably get into a vicious competition over which book was the masterpiece if we are to get into the true nature of sport.


I don't like or trust most politicians and deeply believe that the most dangerous people seek the power in every society. I'm very happy that my phone is no longer ringing off the hook, though.


Ahh, the Huskers. I know. Maybe if I lived on the prairie, I would share your passion - (but probably not.) While you're at it, though, could you please post pictures of yourself with that corn cob on your head?


Years ago, Flip bought me a set of golf clubs so we could play together. I was not thrilled until I noticed that the bag had a pocket large enough for a book.


I hate crowds, too. I don't begrudge anyone who finds fulfillment in team worship, it just isn't for me.

secret agent woman said...

This is so funny to me because my sister and her kids and some other folks have posted endless freaking "Woo hoo Giants" posts. So many that its hard to find any actual news on anyone on the feed. So, because it amused me, I did a status update about how I'd be glad when that sport season passed so I wouldn't have to keep skimming past all the sports posts. And man oh man did she blast me! Several times. She actually said I ought to value it because she and others do. It was crazy. It's not like she actually plays for the Giants.

the only daughter said...

Even with sports of love, I don't go all ga ga when the team wins the BIG whatever. I'm happy for them and momentarily thrilled. But as their victories have little to zero impact on my day-to-day,I'm over it pretty quickly.

English Rider said...

It is such a horrid colour orange. Shudder! I have been happy that it worked out to please all those who cared but I have had a hard time resisting asking which other nations were represented in "The WORLD Series" (Much as I know that the world is flat and ends just West of here:)

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Maybe we could go to a library or book store together and cheer loudly.

I disagree with your sister as I see no reason you ought to value anything just because she does. And vice versa, of course. Why do people find such safety in numbers?


I think it will be a while before San Francisco is over this victory. There was a huge parade for the Giants today with thousands of people.


I like the color orange on oranges. Mangoes and melons. Carrots. Not on me. Everyone I saw was wearing it today. I think they were color bonding.

Pea said...

I live in college football candyland which actually if FORCED to choose a sport, I guess I would say that would be it. Only because I watched boys that I had cheered for in junior and high school go on to play at FSU, UF, Miami, Ole Miss, NC State and a few more colleges that I can't remember. I liked that those athletes want it so bad you can feel it rather than pros who are already "there". At the same time, growing up, my parents refused to get cable and never let me and my 2 sisters leave the house so on the weekends the only thing on tv was sports. So hearing,"fllaaaag on the plaaay" at a certain volume gives me severe cabin fever and I have to get out of the house before I go nuts. So whenever my husband watches a game I go shopping. To keep my sanity of course :o)

Pea said...

I just realized my comment had nothing to do with baseball or books...well you get me thinking!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...


I think you have found the perfect antidote to most everything. they don't call it "retail therapy" for nothing.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid I was a 'Brooklyn' Dodgers fan. After that change I sort of lost heart. Now, like you, I'd rather read a book. Nothing a team does has anything to do with me.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm trying to think if I've ever worn orange....probably.

I'm not into baseball at all, but I love the caps. Fortunately the game isn't that popular here in the UK. We just have obsessed football fans instead.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Yay, Dodgers! Ok, that's done. Can I come in now?

Joe Cool,

Yes, the caps. My husband used to have them for several teams and wore whichever one complimented his outfit, but apparently realized that he was missing the point so he donated all but his Giants cap (we live in San Francisco) to the Goodwill. I like hats, but don't have a bill cap because I look terrible in them, even if they are not orange.

Thank you for your visit to these shores!

mischief said...

I'm with you. Even the Olympics left me somewhat nonplussed. As the entire nation went berserk celebrating hockey victory I was just bewildered by all the madmen running across the streets while I was trying to drive to the (abandoned) sushi restaurant. Though I have to admit that Neil Young gave me a small swell of Canadian pride.

Oh, and how about a compromise? I recommend if you're reading, pick up Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby... a hilarious mix of sports and bookwormery.